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Mauri Fina Art Splash-267_small.jpg

The Shape of Water

This project named “The Shape of Water”, evolving since 2017, with these 4 photos allow the viewers imagination to expand and experience different shapes according to the mood balance and wellbeing if you are calm and relaxed or stressed the shape will reflect that. 

The philosopher Plato says The Shape of Water is the purest form, because Water has no shape and fits the space available, “borrow” the shape of whatever container they are in. 

Water drops, or, for that matter, are spherical in shape due to a phenomenon called surface tension, In a liquid this acts on the surface of a freely falling drop to minimize its area. 

The cohesive forces between liquid molecules is responsible for the surface tension. The molecules of water on the surface don’t have like molecules around it. So the water droplets tend to be pulled into shape of spherical due to cohesive forces. 

Thats why, the drop of water is always spherical but in this project I have broken them for less than a second giving you a unique shape freeze with my camera. 

I believe that learning shapes helps children to identify and organize visual information, and it helps them learn skills in other areas including reading, math, and science… learning shapes also helps children understand other signs and symbols.

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