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Maternity Man

Religious overtones, Gabriel’s wings are of no help in this situation, they have to be ripped out ,like the birth, it will be brutal, ripping, grasping holwling, what horror is before us?  

Some may say, since the beginning of time every childbearing woman has wanted men to experience the painful reality of childbirth to prove they are ultimately the stronger sex , but what if, and are they equipped? It’s a worrying assault on every level, but fascinating, and greedily we want more,  to be there watching, and listening we can’t be anything but completely drawn in to this scenario, even to imagining the biology of how it could happen ? what is going on down there?

Credit : Niamh Richardson Artist

Pieta di Michelangelo

The Great Michaelangelo’s famous sculpture re-imagined, like the swans were by Matthew Bourne.   The tenderness, the beauty, overwhelming sense of sadness, poignant the pain of loss and hopelessness, does this life matter, to anyone…up there? 

I am your mother, father, protector, your forever lover, but I cant always be there when you need me….

The most valuable lesson in life is that all human love, all human loss all human sadness…. is relevant.  

Death is final.

“I will be your father figure, put your little hand in mine” George Michael

Credit : Niamh Richardson Artist

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