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Personal Statement

Maurizio Cecchini is an Italian London based photographer whose work in worldwide locations has produced striking and revealing landscape photographs set in Asia, The Americas and Europe.

Maurizio has recently returned from exhibiting his work in Bologna where his series of photographs around Traditional Fairy Tales and Religious subjects references classical painting in its composition.


However set in a contemporary context they subvert expectation. 

Familiar narratives are taken into a disonant satirical realm that is beguiling, they are beautiful to look at, but simultaneously robust, challenging and politically controversial. 

They challenge the viewers comfortable accepted norms. 

Parallel to his busy Schedule in commercial photography and portraiture Maurizio is very excited to be launching his new site “" which shares the opportunity for talented young photographers to showcase their work


Tim Rory - Actor and Critic


Art Full Frame Exhibition

Willesden Gallery

95High Road 

NW10 2SF - London - U.K.

May 05 - 18, 2021

Art Full Frame Exhibition

London Photo Show

Bargehouse Gallery

OXO Tower Wharf  London U.K.

OCTOBER 17 - 20, 2019

London Photo Show

Bargehouse Gallery

OXO Tower Wharf  London U.K.

OCTOBER 17 - 20, 2020

Sottosopra - Personal Exhibition 

MAY 20, 2018

Group Exhibition Within
Bologna, ITALY


Arte Contemporanea

Via D'Azeglio, 41

Bologna, ITALY

JANNUARY 26 - 29, 2017

Contact Me

Phone: +44 757 86 14614

Kensington London U.K.

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