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OUTER HEBRIDES - Abstract Landscape

       Calm, cool stillness.. the feeling of space and breath, a visual mantra for meditation


Outer Hebrides Artwork - 0723 

The Outer Hebrides, are an outstanding and uniquely distinctive part of Scotland. 

Their remoteness has contributed to the preservation of a unique coastline, where their legends weave through a tapestry of lives lived in close coexistence with the land and the sea

Outer Hebrides Artwork - 0728  

I dreamed that live and time and space were one, And the pure trance of dawn;

From all the journeys of the travelling sun, And the Long mysteries of sound and sight,

The Whispering rains, And far, calm waters set in lonely plains, And cry of birds at night.

More songs of Angus and others – Violet Jacob 

Outer Hebrides Artwork - 0729

Had I a cave on some wild, distant shore, Where the winds howl to the waves' dashing roar;
There would I weep my woes, There seek my lost repose, Till grief my eyes should close

Had I A Cave – Robert Burns

Outer Hebrides Artwork - 0749 : “Take only memories, leave only footprints”.

Kelpies and Selchies, Water Spirits of the Outer Hebrides


The Selchies    I am a man upon the land    I am a selkie on the sea

The seal-folk of Scotland called selchies, they have a have a habit of swimming out of the mists of time and sea, to land on the shores above. 

Storm Kelpies, also known as The Blue Men who live under the sea in a stretch of water between Lewis and mainland Scotland, looking for sailors to drown and stricken boats to sink.

Credit : Niamh Richardson Artist

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