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Art Full Frame Exhibition

London Photo Show Oct 2020

LONDON PHOTO SHOW 2020 Exhibition will takes place at the Bargehouse Gallery on London’s Southbank. 


One stop from Tate Modern Gallery

Bargehouse Gallery

OXO Tower Wharf

October 14 - 18 Oct 2020


Once upon a time…..

Drawing  back the rich red crimson Stage curtains adorned with tatty gold tassels of discovery,  we step into this artist’s gallery is his vibrant interpretation of fairy tales rich in golds, flaming reds and deep blues and blacks of sourcery, pure musical theatre. 

Poetic and sensational.

He distorts historically revered works of art and then sooths us with calm serene landscapes. 

Having ripped to shreds  the childbirth experience, it makes us recoil in horror wonder and then imagine.

You thought it was just a phase, a little bit of theatre, a little stage down a dark alley in Soho, a slip of the senses and morels along the adolescent road of discovery, something to expand the mind and warp the senses, just enjoy, just love, just laugh, just feel lust and fall in love.

Throughout history in art , music and literature, in plain sight, in the background, in the underground, in the foreground… its always been there but you have never see it… well not like this!


Social Comment

Maternity Man

Religious overtones, Gabriel’s wings are of no help in this situation, they have to be ripped out ,like the birth, it will be brutal, ripping, grasping holwling, what horror is before us?  

Some may say, since the beginning of time every childbearing woman has wanted men to experience the painful reality of childbirth to prove they are ultimately the stronger sex , but what if, and are they equipped? It’s a worrying assault on every level, but fascinating, and greedily we want more,  to be there watching, and listening we can’t be anything but completely drawn in to this scenario, even to imagining the biology of how it could happen ? what is going on down there?

Fairy Tales:

Beauty and the Beast

Dramatic, theatrical, bold, bright .  Two Beautiful men, two handsome beasts, sexy silky dress on a muscle toned body tightly wrapped around in powerful masculinity,  the lure of temptation, the desperation of the underbeast,  come in and join the feast, but leave the door open…

Maleficent and Alice in Wonderland

How often had we blamed Walt Disney for dipping our toes into the unknown.. if only we had known that there is no such thing as a fairy tale handsome prince.

There are just the deadly sins in this world

Lust, jealously, envy, gluttony and avarice… 

Fairy tales are warning to the young, who absolutely ignore them, and so they should…

Maleficent is a long winding affair, with no handsome prince or beautiful young princess, maybe its kicking back at Disney or maybe it’s showing the reality of life? The artist , pushes and pulls against realty and constraint and boundaries, so we are still left questioning.

It does make one thing clear, the Maleficent is sexy, dangerous and enticing regardless of gender 

Alas poor Alice, the table is buckling under the food and drinks, the charming, amazing, wonderful and wretched friends circle her like vultures around a antelope who thinks its all a terribly funny game, but where is she, who are these strange creatures at her tea party?

“Girls will be boys and boys will be girls. It's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world except for Lola”.. Blur

“I use things that people want to hide in their heads. War, religion, sex; things we all think about, but don’t bring to the forefront. But I do and I force them to watch it”…… Alexander McQueen



The curtain drops……………..


 Taboo is just a word, the forbidden has announced itself to great applause and joy.  

The curtain drops, the stage lights dim, you have felt you have been touched a little stardust

And they all lived happily ever after

Written by Niamh Richardson

ArtFullFrame Exhibition together with 

London Photo Show 

Bargehouse Gallery - OXO Tower Wharf

October 15th -18th 2020

Private Event on 14th October starting at 18.30 until 20.30

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